Thursday, May 8, 2014

10 Day Blog Challenge - Day 1

So I have on my 2014 list as one of my accomplishments this year to blog regularly.  I mean I guess I've been doing ok, with a couple of posts a month, but I don't know if that's really "regular", is it?  I guess it's a matter of perspective....anyway I also have a task to complete a challenge.  Well my friend Rachel posted a blog challenge, so I'm taking her up on it!

Day 1 ~ Ten things about myself

I hate these kinds of things, (putting myself out there), and I'm really bad at coming up with specific examples.  But what the heck, let's give it a shot.  If you know me, some of these things you probably already know, or can tell from my past blogs, but some may be new:

1. I'm fiercely loyal ~ I will defend a friend to the end, whether they always deserve it or not, and generally do anything I can for them.  Sometimes even to the point where it's easy to be taken advantage of.  But I'm proud of the fact that people know that I care about them and that they can count on me and trust me, so I don't want to change!  When it comes to services or places I frequent, I tend to find someone I like and will go there forever.  I've been going to the same girl to do my hair since I was 16!!

2.  I tend to be more patient with others, than I am with my own kids ~ I guess I expect a lot from them and they know me, so I don't probably cut them as much slack as I should.....and except when I'm driving...I seriously have ZERO patience for people who can't drive the speed limit or bother to use blinkers. Idiots!

3.  I love to cook ~ Sometimes I'm lazy about it, and there have been times when I didn't hardly cook at home at all, but I really do like to cook and try new things.  I like to try new recipes, though most of the time they are something quick and easy, I like a good one pot meal so there are less dishes, but I occasionally like to try something a little more fancy as well.  I especially enjoy cooking for others and seeing them enjoy my creation.  I don't claim to be a gourmet chef or anything even remotely close, but I can follow a recipe.  Although I do tend to be one of those people that don't really "measure" anything and eyeball my ingredients...."That looks like enough."

4. I'm addicted to shoes ~ I could have worse vices...but I love buying new shoes!  I am particularly partial to heels and yes I have worn all the ones that I have.  Although I do have favorites that I wear more regularly.

5.  I'm a huge baseball fan ~ Especially my Texas Rangers.  It started when I was a young girl, I have fun memories of going to the ballgames with my dad, uncle and cousins and sitting in the outfield.  My dad would always bring a radio and zip tie it to the railing so we could listen to the play-by-play and we'd go early for batting practice and autographs.  I'm now a season ticket holder, and I've made some great friends out at the park.  Everyone who knows me asks me about my team and I'm converting my boyfriend and all of our kids into baseball fans as well...or at least trying!

6.  I care too much about my looks ~ and yes I'm afraid of getting old.  I always try to look my best when I go in public, I can't stand seeing people walking around the mall in their pajamas!  Don't get me wrong, I don't expect Sunday best, but jeezzzz at least look presentable!  And I do seriously worry about looking old.  Although it embarrasses me when someone compliments me, I secretly cherish it.  I'm a firm believer in the saying "A lady never tells her age."  I don't know where that came from, but whoever it is was a genius!

7.  I think of myself as very independent ~ I pride myself in being able to do things on my own, but can also admit there are things I cannot do.  But then it's still very difficult for me to accept help, or burden others with my problems.

8.  I'm a proud Native Texan ~ I know we are becoming harder to find, even in Texas, but yes I grew up here and I will tell anyone I meet and everyone who will listen!

9.  I think I'm better at time management and multi-tasking than I really am ~ I always think I am great at doing more than one thing at a time, or spreading myself around.  But then I always tend to realize that I've missed some detail or neglected another task or person.  I'm sorry.

10.  I'm a total planner ~ maybe it goes back to that time management thing, but I have to know ahead of time what I'm doing for the weekend, or where I'm suppose to be.  If I don't put things in my calendar, I'll forget or miss an appointment or deadline.  And if you make plans with me, YES I'll put it in your calendar too!  I don't want you to forget about me either.  I do really enjoy when I don't have plans and can be spontaneous with someone, but I'm just not very good at it on my own.

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